Authentic Southern Barbecue at Fat Boyz Barbecue

Discover the best of authentic Southern barbecue at Fat Boyz Barbecue. Our menu showcases a diverse selection of mouthwatering dishes, from tender ribs to smoky pulled pork. Join us at our Fort Lauderdale and Deerfield Beach locations to indulge in the rich flavors of true Southern barbecue.


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At Fat Boyz Barbecue, we take pride in serving up authentic Southern barbecue that will satisfy your cravings. Our menu is carefully crafted to showcase the rich flavors and traditional techniques that define authentic barbecue. From our baby back ribs to smoked chicken, each dish is a celebration of the best that Southern cuisine has to offer.

Prepare to embark on a flavor-filled journey with our tantalizing barbecue delights. Our menu features a wide range of options, each expertly prepared to deliver an unforgettable experience. Sink your teeth into our succulent ribs, slow-cooked to perfection and coated in our secret blend of spices. Sample our tender and juicy pulled pork, served with your choice of homemade barbecue sauce. For those seeking a hearty option, our flavorful brisket will surely satisfy. And let's not forget our smoked chicken, bursting with smoky goodness in every bite.

Homemade Sides and Flavorful Sauces and Rubs

A true barbecue feast is incomplete without some delectable homemade sides. At Fat Boyz Barbecue, we take pride in our carefully crafted side dishes that perfectly complement our barbecue offerings. Indulge in classics like Smoked Mac n Cheese, hearty Brisket Baked Beans, and our Green Apple coleslaw. We also put our unique spin on Southern staples with mouthwatering collard greens, cornbread, and potato salad that will have you coming back for more.

At Fat Boyz Barbecue, we believe that the sauce is what brings barbecue to life. Our homemade sauces and rubs are the stars of the show, adding that extra layer of flavor to enhance your barbecue experience. Whether you prefer a tangy and sweet sauce or a bold and spicy kick, our range of house-made sauces has you covered. And our carefully crafted rubs are the perfect seasoning for our expertly smoked meats, ensuring that every bite is bursting with mouthwatering flavors.

Daily Lunch Specials Monday – Thursday (11am-3pm)

$9.99 includes 1 side and fountain beverage

  • Rib Tips on Texas Toast
  • Pulled Pork sandwich
  • Quarter Chicken (Dark)
  • Chopped Chicken Sandwich
  • Brisket Short Rib Burger
  • Texas Hot Link Sausage Sandwich
  • Gumbo with White Rice (Deerfield Location Only)
  • Jerk Chicken (1/4 chicken dark)
  • Barbecue Chicken (1/4 Chicken dark)

* Until 3PM or sellout. All Specials come with 1 side and a drink

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Burnt Ends Sandwich



Pulled Pork Sandwich



Rib Tips on Texas Toast

Our famous "Dirty South Rib Tips" served open-faced on two slices of Texas Toast



Smoked Turkey Sandwich

1/2 lb. Smoked Turkey. Ask for it sliced or chopped



Texas Brisket Sandwich

Half-pound black angus beef brisket sliced or chopped served on a fresh baked Kaiser roll


Food Truck Menu


Big Daddy

Pulled Pork topped with smoked mac 'n cheese topped with brisket



Brisket Cheesesteak

Brisket Cheesesteak sandwich with fries


Dirty South Sandwich

Pulled Pork, smoked Beef sausage link topped with Slaw



Mac Daddy

Pulled pork topped with smoked mac and cheese on a kaiser roll and dual sauce (Carolina & Traditional)



Pulled Pork Nachos


Split Decision Nachos

Half Brisket, Half Pulled Pork



Whoz Ya Daddy

Brisket topped with smoked mac on a keiser roll


Yo Yo's Chicken & Waffles

Deep fried chicken wings on a sweet waffle served with our famous syrup



1 LB Chicken Plate

Includes choice of 2 sides and BBQ sauce


Baby Back Ribs

1/2 rack hickory smoked tender baby back ribs



Beef Brisket

1/2 lb. 20 hours of low and slow premium smoked Beef Brisket over post oak and hickory wood

21.99 1/2 lb.


Beef Ribs

1 huge Brontosaurus Beef Rib

Friday and Saturday only



Burnt Ends

1/2 lb. succulent Kansas City style beef brisket burnt ends


Pulled Pork

3/4 lb. Pulled Pork with 2 sides



Smoked Turkey Breast

1/2 lb. Hickory Smoked Turkey. Ask for it sliced or chopped



St Louis Ribs

Half-Rack St Louis style ribs


Texas Hot Link Sausage Plate

Includes 2 sides



Two Meat Combo

Select any two meats and two sides.

Add $9 for Beef Ribs

Add $1.99 for Pastrami, Burnt Ends, Baby Back Ribs or Smoked Turkey



  • Big Mah Potato Salad: 3.50 | 6.50
  • Brisket Baked Beans: 3.50 | 6.50
  • Candied Yams: 3.50 | 6.50
  • Fries: 3.50 | 6.50
  • Grandma Collard Greens: 3.50 | 6.50
  • Green Apple Coleslaw: 3.50 | 6.50
  • Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread: 2.00
  • Smoked Mac n Cheese: 3.50 | 6.50

* Please take note that all menu items are subject to sell out!

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Join Us at Fat Boyz Barbecue

Join us at Fat Boyz Barbecue and experience the authentic flavors of Southern barbecue. Our diverse menu, homemade sides, flavorful sauces, and warm hospitality await you. Visit our Fort Lauderdale or Deerfield Beach locations today and be prepared for a barbecue experience like no other.

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